Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heart and Star: A Romance

Once upon a time, two beautiful girls, a Heart and a Star, both wanted to marry the same Heart boy.

So they had had a competition, and the Heart boy picked the Heart girl to be his wife.

But the Star was very angry, and she and the Heart had a fight (there was smoke).

The Star tried to marry the Heart boy and he didn’t know it was her, so the Star married him.

Then the Star mixed up a potion and pretended to be nice to the Heart.

The Heart drank the potion when she was at the beach, and the potion turned her into a mermaid.

The Heart was sad, but then she met a mermaid boy and she wasn’t so sad.

He showed her a room she could sleep in, and she went to bed and went to sleep.

When she woke up, she found the potion that the Star gave her, and she thought about who it belonged to.

She had an idea that it belonged to the Star, and she was very mad.

So the Heart made her own potion, and drank it.

Her potion turned her back into a human.

She went back to the Heart boy’s house, and they hugged each other. (The Star was so mad, she had a volcano coming out of her head.)

And then the Heart girl and the Heart boy got married.

The End.

Pictures and story by Atanasia Rives, age 5-but-almost-6. Here's what the whole thing looks like.


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